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    Black ABS plate ......The black ABS sheet can heat-resisting not distort, non-toxic, tasteless, the nature is light, has outstanding bears flushes the nature, the good low temperature performance and bears the chemicals, the size stability is good, superficial glossiness is good, Yi Zhuanghe colors. Also has the high resilience under the low temperature condition. Moreover it is one kind of hardness, is not easy to scratch, not easy deformation material. Is suitable in the food industry, refrigerator refrigeration industry, automobile display board main body jade, television outer covering, gear, bearing, model. 
    The performance and the use ABS plastic plate is by propylene nitrile - pyprolylene - benzene two alkene three Yuan republican is a raw material, with extrusion molding.    Characteristic use: The ABS plate has the good tenacity, the rigidity and bears the chemical properties. Mainly uses in the refrigerator, storage tank's lining, the box and certain mechanical device's outer covering, the automobile industry and so on
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