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    Waste Plastics are in great demand


    As a renewable resources (waste material) importer, China has more than 3000 waste material processing enterprises. About 1600 enterprises are importers of waste plastics .The quantity of waste plastics accounted for 25%of the total import  of solid waste, about 8000000 tons a year .

    There are two main reasons why the quantity of imports of waste plastics keeps rising every year : one reason is that the current system of recycling in China is not perfect .The sense of the garbage classification in the whole society is to be improved . The result is that our recycling efforts of the garbage classification remain in the original small family workshop stage , and because the domestic waste plastics recycling depends on a lot of manpower,resulting in higher price than the price of imported waste plastics. Another reason is that our country at the macro level of waste plastics recycling , mainly by economic means such part of the tax exemption, the lack of specific policy support, the lack of plastics waste classification technical specifications, the lack of  purchasing products using waste plastics and meet the safety requirements of enterprises identified and encouraged. these have led to our waste plastics recycling industry has long showed a fluctuating situation , it is difficult to form the scale of sustainable development and industrialization of modern recycling enterprises. This results in a large domestic hard to find a stable source of waste plastics, especially certain specific component of waste plastics. 

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