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    PVC industry environmental protection has a long way to go


    Plastics brought great convenience to human life ,due to its advantage of low cost ,strong corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, since the invention of the day it was popular , with processing technology advances and technological breakthroughs. Plastics products gradually penetrate into our life , become the most important necessities.PVC products due to the superior, unique performance prove to the world its role.

    The reason of PVC industry with excess capacity 

    China' s PVC production since the 1990s has had rapid development, it also exposed some malpractices. According to statistics, by the end of 2012glaobal polyvinyl chloride production was 40000000 tons, China 's PVC production accounts for more than 50%, but China's consumption has accounted for only about 1/3 of world plastics consumption.

    Firstly ,the overall low level of equipment , process technology is relatively beckward. Only a few dozen large state-owned enterprise group company owns the advanced  equipment of plastics outside, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises are using the equipment in about 20% genera of high energy consumption , low production capacity of the equipment, and causing envionmental pollution.

    Secondly , the product structure is not resonable,affordable product side. The overall level of China's plastics industry is still a considerable gap cmpared with developd countries, the domestic high-end PVC material need to be imported, some PVC products still need to import, low production overcapacity.

    Finally , insufficient investment in science and technology , the ability to develop weak . So far our contry processing plastic products rely on the strength of their own developed successful or not much, compared with other developed countries, we remain sustantially follow state.

    PVC industry should take the green line.

    To promote environment protection process of heat stabilizer , PVC products industry could lead to speed up the pace , is to represent the general trend development of Chinese plastics industry . To speed up the environment protection process of PVC products industry is not only the external environment of the plastics processing industry , plastics industry itself is also speeding up structual adjustment, strengthen innovation drive internal demand capacity, to ensure the safety of plastics products,plastic industry must assume socila reponsibilities and obligations.

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