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    ABS sheet detailed description



    The ABS sheet is one material which the plate profession is popular newly. Its full name is the propylene nitrile/pyprolylene/styrene copolymer board. English name Acrylonitrile-butdiene-styrene, is present output is biggest, applies the most widespread polymer. It PS, SAN, BS each performance organically unifies, had both strongly, hard, just the balanced superior good mechanical properties.
         ABS has the superior good mechanical properties, its shock strength is extremely good, may use under the extremely low temperature; ABS resistance to wear superior good, the size stability is good, also has the oil resistance, may use under the medium load and the rotational speed bearing. ABS bears the slow change is bigger than PSF and PC, but is smaller than PA and POM. The ABS bending strength and the compressive strength are in the plastic bad. The ABS mechanical properties are been big the temperature influence. 
         The food industry, constructs builds the model, the jade manufacture, becomes the electronics industry part, the refrigerator refrigeration industry, the electronic electric appliance domain, the drugs manufacture industry and so on
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