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    The ABS plate squeezes out the craft


    The ABS sheet resin is one of five big synthetic resin, its anti-shocking, the thermal stability, bear the low temperature, bear the chemicals and the electrical specification are fine, but also has easily to process, the product size stably, superficial glossiness good and so on characteristics, easy to paint, the coloration, but may also carry on the surface metallization, the galvanization, the welding, the thermo-compression and the cementation and so on two processings, widely applies in industrial fields and so on machinery, automobile, electronic electric appliance, instruments and meters, spinning and weaving and building, is one use extremely broad thermosplastic engineering plastics. The ABS resin is the present output is biggest, applies the most widespread polymer, it organically unifies PS, SAN, BS each performance, has both strongly, hard, just balanced fine mechanical properties. ABS is the propylene nitrile, the pyprolylene and the styrene three Yuan copolymer, A represents the propylene nitrile, B represents the pyprolylene, S represents the styrene.

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