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    Plastic plate surface spray coating technology development research


    Along with plastics sheet industry's development, the plastic foaming plate's application is getting more and more widespread. But because plastic foaming plate surface performance's some lack limit, still in limit plastic foaming plate further development. Using the plastic plate surface hot spraying technology, take in the foaming plate utilizes a more widespread polypropylene and the polyethylene plate as the substrate, the copper powder and the powdered iron is the spray coating material, improves the plastic plate surface through the hot spraying method the mechanical properties. Take heat transfer theory theory and the law of conservation of energy as the basis, to heater's thermal process establishment mathematical model, when calculates the determination finally respectively take the polypropylene and the polyethylene as the parent metal, the heater 1 temperature respectively for 214℃ and 151℃, the power respectively is 3.3KW and 2.7KW, the heater 2 temperatures respectively be 218℃ and 162℃, the power is 1.7KW.

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